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Thank you very much for visiting my English home page which was accessible since 10th of August 1998.
I was retired from the University of Tokyo on 31-th of March 2015 and the page is now under renewal.

You are the -th visitor since 2-nd of November 2005 (original counters were available since 20-th of October 1998, but system trouble uncerteined the counter values on 23-rd of October 2005 by the accident), counter reset date. (The number of the visit is counted by each visit until 16-th of June 2015, and by a day visit since then.)

Three sizes (A1, A2 and A3) of pi posters with my signature and serial number are available on the web! (My signarture is not a print!)

URL for ordering the pi posters is pi poster announcement. (in Japanese.)

Information is available on the following topics.

Any questions regarding Yasumasa KANADA should go to
yk12 (at) kanadas.net.

Last update: 2015/6/20